Search Engine Optimisation

Being seen at the top of search engines like Google is essential! It’s where the traffic and the sales are. We can improve your on and off-page SEO, and do keyword research to find ranking opportunities.

We use tools such as Ahrefs to conduct research into your niche/industry, and discover what content you could create or improve to gain rankings and traffic.

What We Can Do For You

  • Improve your on-page SEO including titles, descriptions, body text, links, image alt text, keyword density, related and LSI keywords, silo structure of the site, internal linking and much more
  • Keyword research to map out the most relevant keywords you have a chance of ranking for
  • Competitor and search result analysis to find ranking opportunities
  • Content gap analysis to find content your competitors have which you don’t
  • Email outreach to build backlinks and grow your domain authority and rankings

If you have an existing website, or have a new site and want to start SEO the right way, reach out to us and we can discuss a plan of action that will can work for you and your industry.